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    How could we forget you!
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    Yes indeed, it's possibly my favorite episode. And I loved the device of Ghost Mary. One thing I like about this episode is, in spite of the amount of time they spend on Sherlock, it's really a John-centric episode, and I always felt he'd gone a bit missing starting with Season 3. I know a lot of people don't like what they reveal about John, but I'm okay with it. Gives him depth. I think Eurus took the gun along "knowing" it would lure Sherlock into her game. She had to convince him that "Faith" needed him. If it hadn't worked, she would have created a new personality and tried something else. But I agree, she was genuinely surprised to find he was "nice". After all, for 20-30 years all she had to go on was Mycroft. That might be enough to make anyone homicidal.
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    Even a 2 TB drive strikes me as a reasonable approximation to infinity. (But then I remember when a 5 meg hard drive was big, so don't mind me.)
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    Hi all, it’s been a while. I hope that everyone is well? Without going deeply into a tale of woe and anguish I haven't posted for ages because I had a burglary and my iPad, phone and some other stuff was stolen; a family member was seriously ill ( on the mend now I think) and then a house fire. I must have done something in a previous life! The good news is that I’ll be getting my iPad and phone back soon (although the phone is damaged) I’m using another phone. I’d have logged in a couple of weeks ago but I just couldn’t recall my password until I realised it was the same one I used elsewhere. It will take me a while to look around and catch up but I hope that everyone is happy and well?
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    I've always loved and appreciated Loo's care for the character of Molly. She really seems quite fond of her.
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    Any and all enthusiastic participation in my story times is welcome, of course. A lot of the kids are toddlers and have years to learn this stuff. For our kids who are 4, 5 and getting ready to graduate to kindergarten l any early literacy skills they can master before they get to a more organized classroom environment will help them succeed. We've got some 11, 12 year olds who are still hazy on which one is their right hand, so it's not a given that kids will intuit which is which. It's quite shocking to me how many very basic skills a lot of kids never learn. The attitude of a lot of parents is "The school will teach them". Every school would have to a a boarding school with a 1:1 staff-student ratio for schools to cover everything they are supposed to teach!
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    Loo(Molly) famously had words with Steven... she didn't agree with the way he wrote the character. But she loves him really and says they have agreed to disagree!
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    Yeah, I think the majority of the space being taken up on my hard drive is photos ... and full-size scans of my artwork. (For example, a 16x20 painting scanned at 360 dpi is around 93MB.) I didn't realize music files were that big but I have a ton of those too. And yet I'm still using less than a fourth of my hard drive space. My first laptop would have fainted dead away at those figures.
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    Hi Herlock! I've been more or less missing myself and just assumed you were still here. Sorry to hear your reasons for going AWOL, but glad you're back.
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    P.S. -- "badass" Mrs. H is awesome. Especially when she pretends to cry in order to get John to do what she wants.
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    I hadn't watched any Sherlock episodes in months and then I recently saw this one and my god. I had forgotten just how much I love it. Even Ghost Mary bothered me less than I had remembered. Still am convinced that Eurus was being honest when she had "Faith" say Sherlock was nicer than she had expected. Eurus seems to have a soft spot for Sherlock, doesn't she. I wonder whether she initially took along the gun with the idea of maybe shooting him on the spot or actually killing herself or both but then she decided no, little brother is fun to play with, I'll go through with the Sherrinford plan. Sherlock undulating between completely messed up and brilliant is so wonderful to watch. Also, I really really do not mind badass Mrs Hudson. It suits her imho.
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    I have a 1 TB external hard drive for file storage, and I can't currently imagine ever using up all that space. That's the way it goes though, files get bigger. Each music file I own takes up about 4 MB (and I have quite a lot), and picture files are getting larger and larger as quality improves. They used to be just a few KB's, and now some of them are 3 MB or more. In 2005 I owned a Dell with a screen resolution of 1024x768, pretty good in its day. I had a bunch of photos from Scotland that were taking up much-needed storage space on my tiny hard drive, so I decided a good solution would be to reduce the size of all my photos from their original size to 1024x768. I thought, "This screen is huge, I'm never going to need them any bigger than this anyway." 15 years later and the screen resolution of my comparably-sized laptop is 1920x1080 (which isn't even the largest it could be), and now I have to squint to see my photos of Scotland.
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    Hence running over it with the car. Next time I'll try my friend's giant SUV. I'd try leaving it on the railroad tracks but I'd probably get arrested. Thanks, but I already get them. The problem is in knowing which one to buy, I'm not savvy enough about tech language to really understand the ads. Probably my best bet would be to call them and tell them what I need to use it for. Some day.
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    Herlock!!! I'm sorry to hear you and your family have had some serious problems, but very happy that you're back! We've had several newcomers asking Holmes questions that we couldn't answer (so I'm even happier that you're back). I'm looking forward to the resumption of your comments.
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    A warm welcome back from your Hiatus, Herl. How was Lhasa? Like Dr. Watson, I thought you might have left us for good. I did almost faint dead away when I got your View Halloa. Do the cops have your iPad? Hoping that things look up soon . . . So glad you are back!
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    I believe that's the theory, yes.
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    The SEEKERS!!!! Egad. Wait, aren't we supposed to be the moderators?
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    Silly me! I know where you can get nearly 20 x 30 meters of it in a few years.
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    I think some of the quotes lost significance over time, because they basically changed their original plans...
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    I should at this point maybe inform you that this forum skews rather heavily towards female, just so you're warned. That being said, many actors have an advantage when it comes to aging gracefully, male and female alike. Say, Dame Judi Dench or Katherine Hepburn are two who come to mind immediately. Off to google Peter Mandelson now, thanks for that info and I have to admit that name rings only a very faint bell. eta: Oh, you meant the Prince of Darkness. I didn't remember his name, only the moniker. Also, googling brought me this: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/playing-peter-mandelson-mark-gattis-channels-the-prince-of-darkness-in-channel-4s-coalition-10134081.html
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    Hello CGRaines and welcome to the forum! One one hand, I kinda like the idea ... Lady Smallwood struck me as tough and intelligent (at least going by S3, can't say for S4) and she can't have been too happy in her marriage, so she was presumably well over her loss at that point. On the other hand, wasn't Mycroft hinted at being gay in S2 (that "see the Queen" quip by Sherlock)? As for the age difference, nobody would bat an eyelash if it were reversed, so good on her, I'd say.
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    I've seen hard drives as big as 2 terabytes. I've heard talk of 15 - 20 TB drives but haven't seen one offered in a PC yet.
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